Swim lessons will be offered with modifications for instructor/student safety and to comply with social distancing standards.

2021 Swim Lesson Information

Session C Swim Lessons - Start Monday, July 26

10-10:40am and 10:50-11:30 am

Session D Lesson Registration (Aug.9-19)

** Level 1 & 2 only & Limited Class Sizes

*Click for Swim Lesson Levels Skill Description*

What They'll Learn in Red Cross Learn to Swim Program

The Learn-to-Swim program focuses on building skills one step at a time. By giving them the opportunity to master one element before moving on to the next, our kids' swim classes make it easy to build confidence in the water.

During their swim lessons, children will spend time on the following six levels:

  • Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills: Students will learn how to feel comfortable in the water and safely enjoy it.

  • Level 2: Fundamentals of Aquatic Skills: Children will learn basic swimming skills.

  • Level 3: Stroke Development: Additional guided practice will help students improve their skills.

  • Level 4: Stroke Improvement: Kids will gain confidence during swim lessons, improve their stroke and gain additional aquatic skills.

  • Level 5: Stroke Refinement: Guidance allows kids to refine their strokes and become more efficient swimmers.

  • Level 6: Swimming and Skill Proficiency: Students will learn to swim with ease and efficiency, and gain the ability to swim smoothly over greater distances.

When should you anticipate your child passing into the next level?

We advise you NOT to anticipate your child passing. Swim lessons are not like school and students progress at different rates. It is not unusual for your child to repeat the same level several times. Try not to compare your child with others, instead concentrate on their ability to physically and mentally perform each skill. If your child is registered for the wrong class, transfers will be made only on a space availability basis.